The Palace –

The documentary The Palace (Iceland- 2010, 52 min) captures the magic of the everyday at the Reykjavik Swimming Pool. The film follows the routine of the pool, highlighting the timelessness that reigns in this Icelandic architectural landmark.

Please check out the trailer below – You can also see the full movie now on YouTube.

It was nominated for the Edda awards 2011, The Icelandic Film and Television awards, in the category of documentary of the year.
2011. It was nominated for the best documentary at the Filmfestival in Lubeck.

The documentary The Palace captures the atmosphere in one of Reykjavik’s architectural landmarks, The Reykjavik Swimming Palace, which for decades has functioned as a cornerstone for the elderly that live in the neighbourhood. It focuses on the daily routine and the colourful characters that frequent the pool.

With devoted regulars and a very low staff turnover the line between workers and customers is blurred. A group of daily guests are at the door before the pool opens. Their role is to make the first pot of coffee every morning while the staff prepare for the day. The staff know their guests routines and they notice when someone is absent, creating a sense of belonging and security.

The making of this documentary was truly a race against time. It documents an era that is coming to an end. The film gives us a sense that time stands still inside the Palace, that it is a world within itself. It tells a story of tradition and repetition. Our storytellers, the staff and the guests, are the heart of the building, and the documentary is an ode to the pool and the people who have made it their sanctuary. The viewer gets to know the people, their life stories, why they come to this pool and what it means to them. The story is driven by the characters we meet in our documentation of daily life in the Palace – and its main themes are ageing, life and death.

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See it on the Icelandic Film Centre here

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