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World Cup – UNICEF’s support for the male national team in football

Icelandic companies pledge to donate 2,75 million ISK to UNICEF for every Icelandic goal. So of course we did a video … This is how UNICEF celebrated the first goal in the World Cup!¬†Very easy, homemade and lot of of fun ūüôā

UNICEF’s Red Nose Day – Comic Relief

On the 9th of June 2017, UNICEF in Iceland had it’s telethon – Red Nose Day where many celebrities came together and did comedy and other content for television. In the telethon UNICEF had stories about children in Bangladesh. The big story in the TV show was where the audience

2016 New year’s greetings from UNICEF

We did a small new years greeting for UNICEF in December 2016. With us was the actor √Üvar √ě√≥r Benediktsson. The cold wasn’t so bad even though we had all the snow we needed for the scenery.

Social Democratic Alliance party in Iceland

Well we did note edit or shot all the shots in this ad but we own the B-roll material.  

The chairman of Social Democratic Alliance party in Iceland

Oddn√Ĺ Sturlud√≥ttir is the chairman for Social Democratic Alliance party in Iceland. For the coming elections 2016 we did 4 videos for¬†party’s social media to introduce here to the people. Here are 3 of the 4 videos … The video got excellent reviews from the media for example at


#segjumSTOPP (#sayStop) was a UNICEF campaign done in March 2016. It went viral and got the attention of all major new agencies¬†in Iceland. Videographing, photograping, editing, colorcorrecting, sound editing,¬†music supervision, texting and graphics was all in the hand of us at Mont. Please check out the videos below ‚Äď

Sonic Deception – intro

This project was created for the release of a new album Gost Army and it’s fundraising on the crowdfunding website¬† The music is composed around the concept of ‚Äėsonic deception‚Äô, a trick method used by the Allied Forces in WW2 to disorientate the German Army. Sveinbj√∂rn Bjarki J√≥nsson is ‚ÄúSonic

UNICEF’s #fightunfair campaign

This was a huge campaign in December 2015. The #FightUnfair campaign asked people to take actions to spread awareness and hold governments accountable for ensuring a better future for every child. Celebrities like former mayor of Reykjavik Jón Gnarr, the singer/actress Salka Sól and rapper Emmsjé Gauti where few of them who

90th Anniversary of the Icelandic Red Cross – First aid stories

This short item was done when the Icelandic¬†Red Cross celebrated its 90th Anniversary. It is about first aid and the people who have saved someone with their knowlidge of first aid. Please check out the videos below ‚Äď

ICRC lecture, Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict & Other Situations of Violence

This work was done for the Icelandic Red Cross. It was filmed and edit by Mont. The main purpose was to shoot the lecture and post it on youtube for every one to see. ICRC lecture, Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict & Other Situations of Violence. Pascale Meige Wagner, from

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